February 25, 2021

Media Influence Matrix

CMDS has launched the Media Influence Matrix Project to investigate the profound influence that rapid shifts in policy, sources of funding and technology companies in the public sphere are having on journalism today.

The project seeks to research the changing landscape of:

  • government and policy space, with a focus on the changes in the policy and regulatory environment; 
  • funding, with a focus on the key funding sources of journalism and the impact on editorial coverage; 
  • technology in the public sphere, with a focus on how technology companies, through activities such as automation and algorithm-based content distribution, impact news media and journalism.

Journalism Breakthroughs

Through our work, we generate a wealth of data, observations, case studies and best practices related to innovation in journalism. However, we rarely had the opportunity to gather all this knowledge in one place and share it more widely than we do it now, through a variety of formats and channels, with those who need information on innovations in journalism, primarily journalists and media entrepreneurs, but also researchers, policymakers and other interested parties.

To respond to this problem, CMDS has launched Journalism Breakthroughs, a project aimed at more methodically collecting data and information about innovation in journalism and improving the ways (formats, channels and frequency) in which it packages and disseminates this content for much broader consumption than we generate now.

The Business of Misinformation

A CMDS project mapping the individuals and companies that own misinformation websites and their links to institutions, parties and other individuals.

Media Philanthropy: People and Impact

Using an impact assessment tool developed by the center’s experts in cooperation with journalists, donor organizations and media development experts, CMDS’ Media Philanthropy: People and Impact project aims to collect data and information about individual media grantees to use in measuring, from different angles, the overall impact of donor money in journalism. The project also features the interviews with donors.

Who’s Who in Media Policymaking

The goal of this project is to map the individuals who engage in policymaking in the field of media and journalism. We set out to create a database of media policymakers by collecting information on their track record of influencing (regardless of whether successfully or not) media policy, the nature of their interventions, and their political and business connections and interests.